Your cat will eat you…

The work proceeds on two projects; the first I shall say nothing about but the second now entering the tinkering phase so its safe to mention.

My previous best of collection from Weasel Press, ‘CAUSE FOR CONCERN’ included a couple of short pieces about Giles Bastet, 9th Heavenly Cat, Overseer of Accidental Death; this was expanded by a extra story for the UK edition JUBJUB JUICE (Dank House Manor); the next collection of short stories will focus exclusively on Giles’ travels through our lives, civilisations and time – and the ensuing chaos he causes.

I see him as a negative (or vaccine) to all the joy, hope and goodwill brought to earth by that time travelling do-gooder Dr Who. Not only is each adventure in a different time and place, but each is also told in a differing style, perspective or genre – from Gothic to Oulipo to Modernist to Screenplay to Viking epic… also hoping for a graphic / comic book tale … so watch this space.