Hound of the Biscuit Barrel and Beyond…

14th March – the hound is out, who let the dogs out, I did, I did that. I’m going to be focusing on two projects from this point onward.

The first is entitled, When Did You Last – as in when did you last see your father? (A painting by WF Years) but it’s a much over used title, and When Did You Last sounds more ambiguous; I like ambiguous.

The second is a new collection of Giles Bastet, 9th Heavenly Cat, stories, so I’m going to be busy – social media be damned. Take Care, catch up… soon…ish.

Byron Beyond The Firmament by Neil S. Reddy (Book Review #1181)

Byron beyond the firmament is a gothic sci-fi story. The story begins with Lord Byron fleeing to his ancestral home, Newstead Abbey, because he is one big pickle of a mess. He cannot face his half-sister Augusta who is pregnant with his child, nor does he want to deal with his newly pregnant wife, Bell. […]

Byron Beyond The Firmament by Neil S. Reddy (Book Review #1181)

Jubjub Juice

Jubjub Juice

A collection of short stories, covering genres such as horror, Scifi and weird fiction. Including zombie dentists, vengeful feline deities and the world’s strongest drugs. A ‘best of’ collection from the Weasel Press years, plus new and edited additions, curated for the UK market.